Where is MMR?

Well it's been a while since I've posted anything and I felt the urge to do so. So the last update ya'll received from me was that we moved. Well it's been 3 years and we've actually moved twice in that time.

We had some setbacks in 2018 and had to make a drastic move we might update that story on another blog but for the ranch we'll just leave it at that. At the end of 2018 we moved from Willard to Mountainair. And in 2020 we, well I bought a house and moved into town so I am no longer living on the family ranch. We still have the animals there but I am no longer living with my animals with the exception of the dogs and cats. We did however, add a new Herd Sire to the mix, look for the post 'Introducing Stormy'.

In the past three years we had to downsize the goat herd and we stopped breeding for a while due to COVID shutting down the livestock industry. And by that I mean the market for livestock in my world stopped. This in part due to the loss of hay production and the loss of momentum after the first move. Well including the second move.

Story goes like this, 2018 we moved and started college classes. 2019 started working for a local Dairy. The end of 2019 I got hurt, and contracted COVID. In 2020 I changed careers and started an office job as a bookkeeper. After a few months of some crooked stuff I decided to make a break and started my own bookkeeping/tax preparation business. Most of this was during the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak.

In July of 2020 I bought a house to turn it into a rental house for a bit of income to get us through the year. Well the house turned out to be a lemon. Was juggling work, the ranch, repairing a new house for renters and discovered it wasn't working in my favor. The house was a junk yard. The previous tenants turned it into some sort of rock/trash/cat haven. I wish I had taken pictures of the before but I will have some during and after pictures but the thought never crossed my mind at first. It was such an overwhelming project that let's just say this road is a bumpy one. But as much as I've thought about bailing out of the saddle, I have decided to just cinch it down and make a go of it.

I'll try to keep ya'll updated going forward but it's been a journey so far let me tell you. Again wish us luck in our endeavors.